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The other day we dropped in an auction at the Hôtel Metropole in Monte-Carlo to track a couple of canvases “in the mannerof Dufy and Chagall attributed to our beloved forger Elmyr de Hory. Our contact had warned us that these works smelled fishy. They were probably false Elmyrs, ie forgeries of forged works that are traded without much problem through the underground sewers of the Art Market. Our presence caused a stir among the Monegasques and auctioneers, who made some certainly attentive references to us, probably in order to heat the bids.


Well, the unwary were an Armenian antique shop owner and an old Italian millionaire wearing a poodle in her arms. We could see that the works were authentic worthless trinkets after verifying that the signature system was a real scam. We did not tell anything because, as Elmyr said, the value of art is not in the signature, but in the work (which incidentally was of questionable taste).


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