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Dipsofilms was born in Barcelona in 2013 as an association of journalists and cinema professionals to develop cross-platform documentary works. It has currently launched multiple multimedia projects for cinema, television and internet.

Our approach is to create multidisciplinary teams around single creative directors to make the best narrative approaches for each platform while preserving the essence of each story.



Foto CVAlbert Salord

Multimedia producer

+34 661 245 139

Albert worked in Spain, Colombia and Panama as a multimedia producer for the Spanish News Agency. He thought he was moving back to Barcelona when he got lost around the world wandering for 5 years developing large scale digital projects in different newsrooms in Europe and Latin America.

JaumeJaume Vinyas


+34 661 277 819

Jaume graduated in History and Journalism before moving to the Balearic islands, where he accidentally ended up as Editor of the public radio broadcaster news services. He was later seen around frozen forests full of bears in Belarus with a camera crew but his track was lost until he recently reappeared in Honduras.

GuillemGuillem Ayats


+34 696 163 064

Guillem learnt to dance and film in San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba). People say he did it fairly right. Unfortunately, he forgot everything he knew in the New York Film Academy.

(Microsoft Word - Xevi Subiny340.doc)Xevi Subinyà
Director of Photography

+34 685 989 816

Xevi claims to shoot with his eyes shut but it is not true. He has developed his work in the television industry for more than 10 years, working for some of the most important broadcasters in Europe.

CalveresAlbert Calveres

Director of Photography

+34 685 989 820

Give him a camera and run away: he bites. Albert has been in the audiovisual industry for more than 15 years and he has never lost a fight.