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Listening to Sacrifice from Bathory is the best thing you can do if you are thinking about having a bath with a plugged-in toaster after getting to the street with a golf club to smash heads like if they were watermelons. That is maybe the best legacy of the good Tomas “Ace” Börje Forsberg, better known as Quorthon, the legendary leader of this insane pioneer of the black-metal swedish band.

Well, a set of underground bands from nearby have gathered together to execute a tribute to Bathory, who curiously never played live. The dude who is assembling this, our friend Félez from Moontower Studio, had the nefarious idea of calling Dipsofilms to document the mother of all the Satanic meetings, maybe the most beastly akelarre of the last years in Spain. As we couldn’t refuse such a sweet candy, we have already begun tho shoot among emanations of beered-carpet and ashes.

Here you have a little appetiser from the Insulters. You can see more bands in the project page.

P.D. Quorthon died of a heart-attack the 7th July 2004, at the age of 38 years.

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