The Elmyr On The Edge project is officially on. To familiarise you a little bit with who he was, we make a brief introduction to his uniqueness…

Elmyr de Hory was born in Hungary in 1906, in the bosom of a noble family of Jewish descent. During World War II he was arrested by the Nazis. He got away from a concentration camp but could not prevent the death of his mother at the hands of a Soviet soldier. Alone and broke, he went to Paris where he struggled until he discovered his unique talent: the ability to imitate the style of the great artists of his time.

Elmyr de Hory

Elmyr de Hory

For 15 years, he lead a wandering life between northern Europe, Brazil and the United States. When he reached his middle age, he decided to seek shelter. He found it in the island of Ibiza in the Spanish Mediterranean sea, where he fitted perfectly in an time which later became known as the “golden age “ of the island, under great changes linked to the tourism boom and the presence of a large colony of foreigners.

In 1967, the Meadows (a Texas millionaire who had opened a museum filled with works that proved to be forged) scandal broke and put Elmyr on the spot of the public opinion. His fame grew thanks to the publication of his biography “Fake!” by Clifford Irving and the documentary “F for Fake“ by Orson Welles.

In 1976 , at the end of his third trial for extradition, his lawyer informed him that the French request was going to be accepted. Faced with the prospect of going to jail, he decides to take his life and leave all his legacy to a young American who shared the last years of his life with him.

This is the story as told by Elmyr. But almost nothing is true…

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